Woodland Management

Our extensive woodland management experience specialises in small woodlands and woodland conservation. However, we passionately believe in using woodlands as a sustainable renewable resource, and bringing unmanaged woods back into production.

Works include
  • Production of woodland management plans to approved Forestry Commission standards. These plans are grant aided and can provide permission for ten year work, including felling approvals
  • Woodland recreation plans and integration with commercial or informal enterprises
  • Design and installation of tracks to aid future management
  • Marketing of timber and supervision of harvesting contractors in commercial plantations or woods managed primarily for conservation
  • Design, planting and establishment of new woods
  • Tree safety surveys, to comply with insurance requirements
Case Studies
A selection of our case studies may be found below:

Woodland Management Plans, private landowners, 2012-2017

The Forestry Commission grant aid woodland management plans, which can provide a ten year permission for all felling and management work. We have produced numerous plans for smaller private landowners and farmers, through to a plan for hectares of woodlands on the St Aubyn Estate.

Woodland Access Improvements 2012-2017

We have installed, or designed and supervised a range of woodland tracks, to increase profitability of future management. Tracks can be grant aided and also provide opportunities for ecological enhancement. Sites have included woods for Wildlife Woodlands and Lambourne Castle Wood in Cornwall.

Timber Harvesting and Marketing, Newpark Wood, 2017/18

Following on from obtaining felling consent we can organise standing sales of timber and supervise felling and harvesting contracts. Our local market knowledge, for contractors and timber outlets, help owners get the best commercial deal.